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Ceramic Coating in Atlanta

The Best Ceramic Coating for Cars, Trucks, & SUV's

Professional Ceramic Car Coating in Atlanta

Ceramic car coatings are one of the best ways to protect and preserve the look of your vehicle. Our experienced team uses a durable ceramic coating that will guarantee you years of shine and protection when properly maintained.


Ditch the wax and take your paint protection game to the next level with a professional ceramic coating! We are fully mobile across Atlanta, and come to you on your schedule!

ceramic coating for cars in Atlanta GA - we are mobile!
we use the best ceramic coating products which are better than PPF

Want to learn more about how a professional ceramic coating can restore & preserve your car or truck's exterior? Reach out for a FREE estimate, or read on below for more information on the benefits of ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Paint FAQ's

What is a ceramic coating for cars?

Ceramic car coatings are polymer-based liquid coatings that cure to form a clear, hard protective shell on the vehicle surface that it is applied to. Ceramic coatings can be applied to most exterior surfaces of any vehicle, car, truck, or SUV, and can last multiple years...even in the Atlanta heat!

What does a ceramic coating do for my vehicle?

There are three main benefits to having a ceramic coating applied: It makes your vehicle extremely easy to clean, it protects your vehicle's paint from UV rays and other harmful contaminates, and most importantly, it makes your vehicle shine in the Atlanta sun!

What will ceramic coating not do?

Ceramic car coatings will not protect your vehicle from things like rock chips, dings, and deep scratches. 

Our Ceramic Coating Process

Full Wash of Exterior

Includes wheels, tires, and all exterior surfaces.

Clay Bar Treatment (if necessary)

Lifts any remaining contaminates from the paint to ensure proper chemical bonding.

Paint Decontamination

Removal of embedded iron particles, bugs, and tar spots.

Product Application

Apply ceramic coating to appropriate surfaces

Vehicle Polish or Paint Correction (Optional)

Single stage polish or full paint correction to remove surface swirls and scratches

How Much Does Ceramic Coating Cost in Atlanta?

There are a lot of factors in determining how much your ceramic car coating will cost. Don't fall for low-ball *from pricing you may see around Atlanta, because it will either change when you get to your appointment or may be an inferior ceramic coating product to keep costs low...but doesn't last!


The best way to get a fair and accurate price for your car's ceramic coating is to reach out for a FREE estimate. Please fill out the Request A Quote form or call/text get in touch with us. 770-624-6306


We will provide you with a customized quote based on your vehicle, and being fully mobile all across Atlanta, our ceramic coating service will come to you!

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